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We are proud that we are making this world better by bringing people together and building a community that could raise their voice for the rights.

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public relations

We have a unique and very strong relationship that we share with the public. Being constantly in touch with them gives new perspectives.


Public Speaker

We have a bunch of talented public speakers who can captivate people who can mesmerize people with extraordinary talents.


gathering societies

Our main aim is to gather people together so that we can fight for the betterment of the world and society as one.


Pastoral societies


Horticultural societies


Agricultural societies


Post-industrial societies

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Equal Opportunities

It is the duty of every government and organization to provide equal opportunities to everyone in every aspect. Discrimination and partiality cannot be accepted at any cost.


Compatibility of career

Carrier compatibility is one of the important things. To have compatible is more like our basic rights.


social commitment

Every human has social commitments. As a social animal, we have commitments towards society, family and a lot f other entities.

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  • Society can be a lot of pressure as it is similar to a circus, trying to tame wild animals and turn them into sheep. Few of the typical stupid or dumb things society imposes or condemns on us are:-

    Getting a good education

    According to societal norms, getting a good and formal education to be deemed worthy in society standards, means attending top schools, colleges and universities, although there is nothing wrong in gaining a good education, there should not be any pressure to learn from classrooms only. They should understand that you can gain essential characteristics, moral values, and experiences beyond the borders of a classroom by exploring, traveling and meeting other people. Equal weight should be given to out of class exposure as well. Most important of all, society will always try and tame your spirit, do not let it, do what you feel like is right and what is beneficial for you, in order for you to live a pleasant, satisfied and fulfilled life.


    Having a proper job

    Often, when people are young, especially at their school going age, they are filled with ridiculous ambitions and will do anything to achieve them. However, during such tender ages, teachers, parents and others who succumb to societal pressure shatter such aspirations of children and instead tell them to earn a stable living by having a proper job. We don't need such people, but instead require talented big dreamers who go want to live a life doing something they love, even if it means living a less stable life. Tend to hold on to your dreams and pursue them no matter what.

    Owning a beautiful house and other materialistic possessions

    Unfortunately, today, the world is more about impressing others than pleasing yourself. Again, societal norms push people to own large homes, cars and other things as they are considered significant. However, the truth is, such materialistic possessions do not bring inner peace and satisfaction. Fact is you can be happy by having a roof above your head, displaying good characteristics such as gratitude and appreciation and pursuing meaningful goals and relationships.

    Getting married

    Societal norms state that good people are married off at a rather early age and stick on to one such spouse, regardless of how that relationship is going whether the individuals are happy or not. Truth is it is a vague concept as society does not correctly embrace the idea of love and sex. Reality is it depends on how you feel about marriage and whether you are ready for it, or are happy living a single, tension free life.

    Having children

    Another rather rubbish norm portrayed by society is having children immediately after marriage. As stated earlier, it depends on the situation and comfort of the couple rather than succumbing to societal pressure for having children. The best way to deal with such stress is to stand your ground and not let such norms and age-old traditions affect you in any way. End of the day, it is about your life and not theirs.

  • Your golf bag is a piece of golf accessory that allows you to bring all your other equipment with you such as the clubs, tees, markers, and perhaps an umbrella or towel. This piece of equipment does not necessarily have direct impacts on your video...

  • Become patriotic

    True and desirable citizens are quite patriotic to their nation. Essentially, patriotism means feeling a sense of pride, displaying unquestioning loyalty while upholding the cultural values of the country. However, bear in mind that nationalism is different from patriotism as the nationalism means their nations is more superior and dominant than other nations. You can integrate the patriotic spirit in you by following the rules and regulations of the land, paying taxes, not engaging in unlawful and criminal activities, reading about your nation's history and cultures, flying the national flag and learning the national anthem.

    Follow the personal qualities of a good citizen

    A person is labeled a good citizen by the virtue he or she upholds. Such attributes include integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, tolerance, compassion, kindness, courtesy, courage, belief in the justice system and discipline. Its citizens judge a nation, so tend to become a role model for other citizens by adopting it first.

    Be productive for society

    His or her level of productivity characterizes a good citizen contributed to society. For example, good citizens share their knowledge, wisdom, skills and other abilities to others in the community.

    Be proactive in your community

    Tend to become active to in your community by helping fellow community members, redressing issues within and quite simply making the community a better place to live by participating in social gatherings and events beneficial to the society.

    Be well informed

    To keep up with your nation and society in terms of events happening both locally, national and international, read informative pieces of literature about the country and its history, global news, local and national news.


    Become vigilant

    A nation is governed and driven by the government that rules it. However, a good citizen is one who ascertains and sees that the government bodies keep up their duties in helping with civic responsibilities, guiding citizens of the nation and acting within rules and regulations, all for the benefits of citizens. In cases, when such bodies go beyond their jurisdiction, do not perform said duties, it is imperative you, as a good citizen speak up about such failure of duties and atrocities performed by the government. Overall, good citizen analyses decisions logically and critically.

    Be well rounded

    A good citizen always upholds and stays true to his share of civic duties needed to be performed, such as recycling, paying bills and taxes on time, conserving water and electricity, avoid going into excessive debt, maintaining a clean environment and avoid littering and working for the betterment of self and nation.

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